Chuck Barrett

Association Missionary

Chuck Barrett

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Chuck and his wife Alicia served with the International Mission Board from December 1993 to December 2015. Appointed as Clinic Administrator of the Senga Bay Baptist Medical Clinic in Salima, Malawi, Chuck served the clinic and the area churches for eight years and Alicia worked home-schooling their children and assisted in Associational Women's Meetings.  When the clinic was able to be handed over to the Baptist Convention of Malawi in 2002, the Barretts transferred to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Chuck served as team leader for the Eastern Gauteng Evangelism Team and he and Alicia were instrumental in the forming of what later became the Hands-On program with the IMB.  After eight years in Johannesburg working with church plants, they returned to the U.S. for a one-year Stateside Assignment during which they were reassigned to Australia.  In Australia Chuck worked with his friend and pastor from Johannesburg along with the Baptist Union of Western Australia to re-establish Mosman Park Baptist Church.  Upon retirement from the IMB, Chuck and Alicia have made their home in Arkadelphia.

Chuck's passion is for healthy pastors leading healthy churches toward Christ's glory. His hobbies include working on his house which he renovated, but never seems to be finished with, and coin collecting.  He enjoys music and crafts, particularly pottery.